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This is a great project for anyone who enjoys DIY.  I am total novice to sewing and started with the Mitten pattern the smaller project. I was able to construct totally functional and warm mittens in about a half hour (without Danielle's help). 

Wool 2-Layer Printed Mittens
Wool 2-Layer Printed Mittens

 We are participants and supporters of the Maker Movement, encouraging all things DIY! The Interlachen line is intended to inspire people to make their own warm clothes and get outside to enjoy frozen nature. A project that can be shared with others - for cold weather enthusiasts, stylish men + women in winter climates, and anyone seeking adventure. If you are not yet the type that is fond of enduring the snow, the wool can be used as a blanket knowing that someday you can sew it up. Please support us, as we want to continue to work as independent designers making things here in the USA!

Inside the roll there are thread + needle to hand sew the patterns as well as suspenders and D rings.We will make some instructions that will come with the product and be available online.

These are real surplus army blankets with various origins.We recommend you launder them before wearing. Due to the large volume, it is not feasible for us to wash them ourselves so we will provide detailed washing instructions.

Why Interlachen? Well first because we just stayed in Interlaken Switzerland and loved it.  We are from Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes so we thought “between lakes,” the translation fit so well. Also you kind of inter – lacken – it together right?

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